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FF: Officer Down (2/17)

Title: Officer Down
Author: Cirroco DeSade
Pairing: Abby/Ziva
Summary: What happens if somebody important to the team is badly injured?
Rating: I'll be safe and say M
Spoilers: There are definite spoilers for several eps between 3x01 and through most of season six. They are random.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No copyright infringement is intended.
A/N This was kind of an experiment for me. It shifts back and forth between the present and memories plus the memories are not linear throughout the story.
A/N#2 Special thanks go to jaina47 for being a sounding board and also betaing. Mistakes are still mine.

Part 1

Tim was never concerned with Tony’s opinion of his abilities or so called “geekiness”. He actually had come to enjoy bantering with the other man over the years. He was like an annoying older brother. Tony was currently rambling on endlessly about a character in one of the Star Wars movies.

McGee was jarred out of his musings by Ziva calling out his name. Occasionally she could whip a command tone into her voice that rivaled Gibbs. When he turned and looked at her, he noticed how serious she suddenly looked. “Get Abby inside this building, now,” she commanded while pointing to the door nearest them. Then she added. “Away from the windows.”

“What,” he asked, baffled by the sudden order. He heard Abby saying Ziva’s name even as he spoke it. He stepped closer to Abby, instinctually ready to follow a command, knowing Ziva did not demand things like this without reason and that she was extremely protective of Abby.

“Please, Ahuvati,” Ziva said in a softer tone to the older woman. “Hurry,” she said crisply when she looked back at McGee.

Tim grabbed Abby by the elbow and pulled her into the building they were just about to pass. Once they got deep into the lobby, Abby started to pull back on him.

“Jeez, McGee,” the Goth complained. “I can walk; you don’t have to drag me.”

“Well, you weren’t willing at first,” he said reasonably. “I’m just trying to do as Ziva asked.”

“Yeah,” she said. “What’s up with that?”

“I don’t know, but I trust her instincts,” he replied.

At that moment, the sounds of gunfire and screaming erupted outside the building. He saw Abby about to run for the door, so he reached out and grabbed her around the middle with both arms.

“Whoa!” he yelled, “She sent us in here so you’d be safe. From what, I don’t know, but for God’s sake, let’s wait until the shooting is done!”

“McGee,” Abby whined. “Let go. I want to see what’s happening. They’re out there, McGee!”

“I know,” he soothed. “They’ll come for us, soon, I’m sure.”

A few minutes later, no more gunfire could be heard and Tim was sure he had seen Tony run by, heading the opposite way from which they came. He finally let go of Abby, who was still struggling with all her might to get away. She hit the ground running for the front door.

Running after her, he hoped it was okay that she was heading out. If things were still bad and Abby got hurt, Ziva would kill him. Then Gibbs would somehow resurrect him and kill him again.

“Ziva!” Abby cried.

“Oh God,” McGee muttered and ran as fast as he could, barely keeping up with Abby.

To say Ziva was injured was beyond understatement. He had even seen the Israeli shot before, but never so seriously. She only seemed partially awake, as if she was coming in and out of it.

“Ziva,” Abby said as she flopped down on the ground beside her. “Oh, baby, what did you do? McGee,” she screamed at him. “Do something.”

McGee thought of all his training: stabilize, call for assistance, and secure the crime scene.

“You,” he said, pointing at a nearby man, “Call 911. Tell them we have an officer down.” Even as he was telling the man what to do, he pushed his hands down hard over the hole in Ziva’s chest. She groaned and coughed. The coppery smell of blood was nearly overwhelming. Blood came up out of her mouth as she coughed. “Sorry Ziva. Hang in there.”

“Ab,” Ziva said, and then was interrupted by another wet cough. Tim watched her eyes roll up and shut, her head rolling to the side.

He watched as another man stripped out of his dress shirt and wadded it up handing it to Abby. The same man came around and took his belt off, tying it around Ziva’s leg. The man seemed at a loss for what else to do, so he just stepped back from the two women and joined a woman who appeared to be his girlfriend or wife and held her.

That was when he heard DiNozzo pounding back towards them.

“Ziva,” Abby cried, “No, no, no, Ziva, you can’t do this to me, baby. You will wake up! You hear me. You will be okay! Oh God, Zee! Tony! Do something!”

Tim was glad to see Tony. The other man was always good under pressure. He had taken off his shirt and told Tim to use it before he started ordering other people around them to give up their shirts.

Tony started barking orders at Ziva, which seemed ludicrous to McGee, but maybe it made him feel better. It actually made Tim feel a little better, especially when Ziva responded for a moment.

Soon, there were paramedics around them and police cars speeding to a stop not far away. Tony conveyed what had happened to the EMTs and before they knew it, Ziva was on a stretcher and in the bus. Tim watched in horror as the driver tried to pull Abby out, but Tony said something while flashing his badge and the driver let it go.

“Where are they heading?” Tim asked Tony.

“George Washington,” Tony replied gruffly. He was flexing his right hand and wincing. “Concentrate McGee. We have a scene to secure. Ziva will be all right. She eats bullets for breakfast. Contact Gibbs and get him down here.”

Tim wanted to argue with Tony’s cavalier attitude for a minute, genuinely getting angry with him. Then he realized that it was simply DiNozzo’s way of handling things and respecting Ziva. The two of them did have an odd relationship. Therefore, he pulled out his cell phone, dialed Gibbs, and gave him a broad sketch of what he knew.

By the time Gibbs arrived, the metro police were arguing with Tony about whose scene this was and asking him to hand over his handgun. McGee had gone about getting names from injured witnesses before they were taken away in the remaining ambulances, before doing the same for those who were uninjured.

He watched in amazement as Gibbs’ car came to a screeching stop right behind the nearest patrol car. Both Gibbs and Leon Vance exited the car, but Gibbs was across the scene and in front of DiNozzo before Vance had even finished taking in the scene.

“DiNozzo,” he barked, “report!”

“Boss,” Tony said, relieved to see his leader. “We were heading back from lunch when Ziva got all spooky on us. She sent Abby and McGee into the building and told me what she saw. There was a red Dodge Neon at the light, with three men inside and she told me she recognized one of them as one of Ari’s Hamas contacts.”

“Go on,” Gibbs prompted even as he took Tony’s hand in his own and examined it.

“I guess they were after her or something,” Tony concluded. “Ow!” he hissed as Gibbs pulled the cloth he had wrapped around his right hand away. “Anyway, they gunned it when the light changed and the next thing I know it’s raining bullets everywhere. She dove for cover behind the paper machine over there and I went for that car,” Tony pointed with his left hand to the appropriate places while Gibbs looked at his other hand and the wounds he had gotten in the shootout.

“McGee, get me an EMT,” he said. He looked back at Tony. “Okay, what else?”

“There was a shooter in the back with an assault weapon of some sort, maybe a 10mil machine gun from the looks of it. And the front passenger managed to get a nice big shotgun out in play some time too,” Tony said. “Ziva was doing her usual precision thing and I was doing my best to stay under cover and get some rounds off also. I guess she didn’t follow her cover for some reason when the car pulled further in.”

“That paper stand isn’t much cover, DiNozzo,” Leon Vance complained as he walked up.

“We improvised,” Tony glared. “You go ahead and tell Ziva to do better next time a terrorist tries to kill her.” He looked back at Gibbs. “When they started to pull away, I gave pursuit on foot long enough to get as much of their tags as possible and called in a BOLO with Metro. It wasn’t until I was halfway back that I realized she was injured.”

“You did what she would have wanted, Tony,” Gibbs said. “But next time, keep a better eye on your partner.”

“Yes, Boss,” he said seriously.

“Now, give me your service piece and get your hand looked at,” Gibbs ordered gruffly.

The muscles in Tony’s jaws jumped as he clinched his teeth, but he pulled out his weapon and handed it over to Gibbs, who bagged it and handed it back to Leon Vance.

“What about you McGee?” Gibbs asked. “You get off any shots? And where is Ziva’s gun?”

“Uh, no,” Tim hesitated, feeling bad about it. He handed Gibbs Ziva’s weapon as he had retrieved it and watched Gibbs bag that one too. “I had my hands full keeping Abby indoors.”

Gibbs just nodded. “I assume she’s with Ziva?” he asked.

“Yes,” McGee answered, impressed.

“Well,” Gibbs sighed. “Leon, I guess we need another team out here. I want to run this one, but I don’t have enough agents.”

“Already on the way,” Vance ordered. “Now I see a Metro PD big shot pulling up over there. Let me intervene before you lose your scene to the locals.”

“Thanks,” Gibbs said and returned his focus on the bullet casings and blood on the sidewalk.

“Uh, Boss,” McGee hesitated.

“Yeah?” Gibbs said without looking.

“Did you know that Abby and Ziva,” Tim hesitated. He was not absolutely sure, but after today he was willing to bet on it.

“Yeah,” Gibbs answered. “Ziva actually came to me several months back and asked me if she could “court” Abs, like it was the 50s and I was Abby’s father or something. I told her as long as Abby agreed, she was careful, didn’t bring it to work, and didn’t hurt Abby I was okay with it.” He shrugged. “They seemed happy from what I could see.”

“Well,” McGee said slowly, not having expected quite that much information out of their usually reticent leader. “I only ask because Abby’s currently alone at George Washington where they took Ziva.” He paused. “You know she doesn’t do alone and freaking out too well, so…” he trailed off.

“You’re right,” he said and flipped open his phone. He waited while it rang and then spoke gruffly. “Ducky, I need you to go down to George Washington Hospital. Ziva was shot and Abs is there alone, waiting. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know. Thanks Duck.”

He snapped his phone shut. “Okay, McGee,” Gibbs said. “Let’s get these bastards.”

As Ziva walked Abby back up the tiny stairs to the Goth’s third floor apartment, she wondered if she really should be allowed this much happiness. As somebody who had wrought so much pain and destruction throughout her life, it seemed amazing to her that somehow the universe had seen fit to allow her these moments with Abby.

“I really loved that scene where the zombie ripped that other zombie’s arm off and tried to beat her with it,” Abby babbled happily. “And then she was just like,” the taller woman made like pointing a gun, “Boom!”

Ziva laughed at the other woman’s antics. “It is most fortunate that zombies are so easily dispatched.”

“I would so totally want to be with you if the world was taken over by zombies,” Abby said with a smile. “You’d totally kick zombie butt, I’m sure.”

The Israeli could not help the beaming smile that had taken over her face. The older woman was never what she expected and usually exactly what she needed. She was everything bright and cheery, even in her dark Gothic way. They may be having conversations about zombies, Abby might even have a coffin in her apartment, but the other woman was so positive and giving that she even had space in her heart for a trained assassin.

She hated to see the night end, but here they were, already back at Abby’s apartment.

“I had a wonderful time, Abigail,” Ziva said, kissing the knuckles of the hand she held.

“Me too, Zee,” Abby replied and put her arms around Ziva’s neck.

Ziva placed her hands at Abby’s waist, her thumbs playing along the smooth skin left exposed by the short top the Goth had worn. Inhaling deeply, she knew the scent Abby was wearing would be embedded in her memory, driving her crazy deep into the night.

“I was hoping that this Friday, if we do not have a case,” Ziva said and paused. She made the mistake of looking at Abby’s lips; they were full, inviting and even as she watched, the scientist licked her bottom lip nervously. She wanted to lick that same exact spot, now.

She was trying for patience in this dance with Abby, trying to “woo” her. However, she had never been known for her patience and moments like this got the best of her. Leaning up she captured that lip between her own and licked all along its edge. When Abby opened her mouth, moaning at the light touch, Ziva took control of her mouth, exploring its depths as if she had never been here before, even though they had ended each date with a passionate kiss.

Pulling the taller woman closer to her, she wrapped one arm around her back and brought the other arm up, touching the base of Abby’s neck lightly with her fingertips. She pulled back slightly from the kiss, but when Abby whimpered, she moved back in and deepened it further. The Goth responded by digging the fingers of one hand into Ziva’s hair and sucking on Ziva’s tongue.

This lasted for long moments before Ziva growled. Pulling her hands away from the tempting body in front of her, she cupped Abby’s face and drew back from the kiss. “We must stop,” Ziva said, feeling her blood pounding through her body. She ran her thumbs along Abby’s cheekbones and then one along her kiss-swollen lips. The Goth darted forward and drew the thumb into her mouth, sucking on it and running her tongue over it seductively. Ziva could not restrain muttering in Hebrew her feelings about what Abby was doing to her.

Abby finally let go of the digit and grinned at Ziva. “What was that Officer David?” she asked playfully.

“I said,” Ziva purred, “You are a divine temptation.”

“Hmmm,” Abby responded. “I think I like that.” She smiled wickedly. “When are you going to show me some of your Jane Bond moves?”

“Jane Bond moves?” Ziva replied, amused now.

“Well,” the taller woman said reasonably, “you’re not a man, hence Jane.”

“And the moves?” Ziva asked. Her hands had drifted back down to playing with Abby’s sides and stomach. She had noticed the other woman seemed to like that and honestly that baby smooth skin under her calloused fingers was addictive.

“Yeah,” Abby inhaled at the light touches. “Aren’t all you super-spies supposed to have these classic seduction moves, guaranteed to get any girl in bed?” She smiled.

Ziva chuckled deep in her chest. How she adored this woman!

“Soon,” Ziva replied.

“Why not tonight?” Abby said impishly.

Ziva leaned up and placed a gentle kiss on the Goth’s lips but drew back before she could get distracted again.

“I was trying to ask earlier and got distracted,” she smiled. “If we have no case Friday, would you let me take you down to this place I know for the weekend? It is on the water, has a lovely restaurant, a place where we can sit and look at the stars if we wish.”

Abby smiled broadly. “Why Ziva David,” she said. “I do believe there’s a romantic streak in you.”

Ziva blushed. “Ah,” she laughed lightly. “Well, don’t tell Tony. I would never hear the end of it.”

“And what is my silence worth to you?” Abby said playfully.

“What is it you wish?” Ziva replied.

“Another one of those kisses and you’ve got a deal,” Abby replied already leaning forward.

Ziva leaned back slightly, smiling. “On the weekend or Tony?”

“Both,” Abby said before she surged forward and kissed her.

It took Ziva five more minutes to convince herself to leave and another three past that to convince Abby to let her go.

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