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November Rain, spoiled.

This is for sr_m_grammatica in answer to her choice on the meme I posted. It will spoil "November Rain" for you, so if you don't want that don't click the link, eh? I also state that I reserve the right to tweak this when I finally get around to finishing the darned story.

Give me one of my own stories, and a time at some point after the end of the story or before the story started, and I'll write you at least 100 words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story begins or ten years in the future.

SMG's answer: "November Rain"

An oldie, but a goodie, and unfortunately not complete.

So, how does it end? Last 100 words of the very end of the story, please.


B’Elanna leaned on her cane, ignoring the physical pain, ignoring the itch of the rarely worn dress uniform. Rationally she knew she should have taken the doctor’s advice and either stayed in bed longer or at least used a hover chair. Part of her relished the pain, feeling she deserved it for being the one standing here instead of the one Seven obviously wanted most.

This tableau reminded her of that fateful night, when she made the worst mistake of her life. How many years was it? Four? Five? It was time that passed mostly in measures of disappointment, agony and jealousy. Sure, she eventually gained the strongest of friendships possible with the blonde in front of her, but that night she had thrown away the chance of a lifetime that night, the possibility of having her soul-mate, having what the Captain had taken instead.

Now the blonde stood staring out of the viewport, silent tears unnoticed holding her sleeping baby girl closely. B’Elanna knew she could never step into Kathryn’s place, could never compare, and she was wracked with guilt over the fact that a small part of her honestly wished that maybe the universe was giving her a chance to try. She was wracked with guilt that she lived and Seven’s wife had died.

So, yes, she considered her physical pain a fitting punishment. How could she possibly be what Seven needed? How could she put away all the years of jealousy and pain, the sudden spark of a dream of a chance and just continue being the blonde’s best friend while she grieved?

The last time B’Elanna had watched the blonde like this, she had caused it and she had been forced to walk away told to leave in no uncertain terms. Now she limped gamely closer, slowly, deliberately, like approaching a wounded animal. This time she came all the way to her friend, her beloved, and laid her hand gently on her shoulder. The blonde never turned, didn’t move at all, but B’Elanna could see her bleak expression reflected in the viewport. Seven didn’t look at her, just sighed.

“Why?” the statuesque woman in the dress blues asked bleakly. The small redhead in her arms squirmed and smacked her lips, falling instantly back asleep in her new position.

“I wish I knew,” the engineer answered.

“I do not wish to feel this pain,” Seven whispered. “I cannot bear this alone.” Her voice broke on the last word and B’Elanna felt a lump form in her throat, making it difficult for her to even breath.

“You’re not alone,” B’Elanna said firmly, taking the last few painful steps so she could stand in front of the other woman. “I’m here. I’m not going to leave.”

A quickly choked off sob escaped the taller woman and she sank to her knees still cradling the baby closely. B’Elanna followed her down, ignoring the tearing pain in her leg and side and gathered them both into her arms, soothing one, helping protect the other, all the while wondering how they would make it through now with so much lost.

Kahless only knew.

This story was/is part of a trilogy I planned long ago, "Late September Dogs," "November Rain," and a third. Originally that was going to be "Ides of March", but I have since decided on a diffent name. I'll leave it a surprise. lol

To those who keep asking for updates, I will eventually finish, but it may be a good long while. I have a forced off time coming up in a couple of months, so maybe I can get some writing done then. That's my dream anyway. Hopefully the muse cooperates too... and that recovery drugs dont keep the muse away lol.

If you made it this far into my babble, thanks.
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